Pete Gillen: Zone Offense and Special Sets

Pete Gillen: Zone Offense and Special Sets
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Pete Gillen, former head coach at the University of Virginia, Providence College and Xavier University; U.S. National Team Assistant Coach at the 1994 World Championships (Gold Medal)

A 20-year coaching veteran at the Division I level, Pete Gillen shares essential tips and strategies on dissecting zone defenses in this unique and informative on-court demonstration. Throughout the presentation, Coach Gillen shares techniques, advice and plays he learned from legendary coaches like Denny Crum, Bobby Cremins, Don Casey and others.

Learn 10 key techniques you can use with any offensive system to successfully play against a zone defense. Discover an offensive system that can be used to teach players how to attack gaps and how to screen to force the zone to shift and create weaknesses within it.

Coach Gillen demonstrates how to successfully attack any zone formation like the 2-3, 1-2-2, 2-1-2, and 1-3-1 zone. Several zone "specials" are presented, including one that you can use at the end of a game when you're not sure which defense the opponent will run.

Use this collection of plays, techniques and coaching wisdom to ensure your team takes on zone defenses with confidence!

Produced at the 2013 VCU Basketball Coaches Clinic.

55 minutes. 2014.