Quick Hitters and Baseline Out of Bounds Plays for Zone Offense

Quick Hitters and Baseline Out of Bounds Plays for Zone Offense
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Product Description

with Thom Sigel, Rock Island (IL) High School Head Coach; 2x Illinois State Championships, over 300 career high school wins

Two-time Illinois State Championship coach Thom Sigel shows you his most treasured quick-strike zone quick hitters to beat any 1-2-2 or 2-3 defense. Sigel does a great job walking you through the options of the plays and the multiple options you can use to score.


Coach Sigel starts out his quick hitters by demonstrating their dribble entry options. All actions are based on up or down calls which determine where the post players will be cutting. He keeps his dribble entry quick hitters simple by using the same starting action every time. This disguises the secondary cuts your players will make to get open.

His dribble entry options are great for creating scoring opportunities from a high post flasher, elbow jumper, a dump pass to the post, post players slipping through a baseline screen or a back screen lob for any of your athletic wing players. Coach teaches the importance of maximizing your spacing and timing in order to sell every option out of his dribble series entries.

Coach Sigel then changes the look of his quick hitters to force opponents to scout and prepare for a variety of looks.

In his stack options, Sigel shows you some great corner entries that will create numerous scoring opportunities. The first stack entry is designed to score out of a low post look by pulling defenders away from the basket and then attacking the zone with the point guard and wing players. He adds a great wrinkle by having a post player set a screen for a shooter coming off of a baseline cut.

Sigel gives you numerous looks out of his stack options that are sure to give any zone defense fits. All plays are executed against 2-3 and 1-2-2 zone defenses in order to demonstrate flexibility and adaptability.


Need new, end-of-clock out of bounds plays? Sigel provides several options within the "4-Across" and "Box" formations. All options result in a score or high percentage shot attempt within the first pass or two off of the inbounds. If you don't get a quick score, you'll be able to get right into a quick hitting offensive play.

Deception and the anticipation of the defense's natural reactions are the primary focus in an attempt to achieve quick, easy shot attempts around the rim.

Coach Sigel finishes his DVD by delivering a great question and answer session that will make you think about how his quick hitters will fit into your zone offensive principles and plays. This DVD is a must have for any coach looking to maximize their zone offense or just looking for a few wrinkles to give their team a competitive advantage.

48 minutes. 2012.