Rules For Attacking Zone Defense

Rules For Attacking Zone Defense
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with Bobby Gonzalez, former Seton Hall University Head Coach

Coach Gonzalez presents his 11 rules for attacking zone defenses. Zone offense is a combination of dribble penetration, player movement and ball movement. Gonzalez puts a premium on attacking gaps on the dribble, which is the number one "zone killer" in basketball today.

Emphasis is put on the idea of "inside, outside, reverse and attack." When these four things are accomplished, defenses are very vulnerable. Gonzalez discusses beating the zone down the floor, using the post, ball fake, be shot ready and attack the offensive glass.

Other elements include reversing the ball, using cutters and flashers, overloading, screening and using patience. He also stresses good shots when they are available. When the offense makes the defense work, good shots will be the result. This list of 11 rules will provide a solid game plan for attacking zones.

40 minutes. 2007.