Seth Greenberg: Attacking Zone Offense and Plays

Seth Greenberg: Attacking Zone Offense and Plays
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with Seth Greenberg, former Virginia Tech Head Coach; 2x ACC Coach of the Year (2005 & 2008) Two-time ACC Coach of the Year Seth Greenberg takes to the court to explain how to attack both odd- and even-front zone defenses, providing the concepts that will allow your team to play to their strengths.

An effective zone offense must:
start with the transition game
must have players attacking the offensive glass
players must not settle for jump shots
there must be ball movement and player movement
must screen the zone
players must be able to shot fake and ball fake
the players must be shot ready

Coach Greenberg's transition zone offense attacks with the dribble in order to flatten out the zone and utilize ball screens. He believes teams should "fly to the glass" while pursuing offensive rebounds. Greenberg introduces his "flash and roll" that features "pull" and "drag" dribbles that create multiple open areas and diving and sealing opportunities. He shows two deadly quick hitters that are very simple, yet effective at providing not only the open post feed, but also the open shot from behind the arc.

Greenberg completes his zone attack arsenal with a two-guard offense designed to attack the 1-3-1 zone defense. In this offense, which is his variation of the famous "T-Game" offense, Greenberg wants his guards to play mid-point to mid-point, making it easier to attack the gray areas of the 1-3-1 and helps avoid being trapped on the sideline.

The key to Coach Greenberg's success at attacking zones lies in his philosophy of getting the ball to your best players in position to score. These simple rules and concepts will allow your team to play instinctively and successfully defeat zone defenses.

71 minutes. 2011.