Seth Greenberg: Practical Coaching Advice and Special Situations

Seth Greenberg: Practical Coaching Advice and Special Situations
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Product Description

Seth Greenberg distills a lifetime of coaching lessons into a single clinic!

- Evaluate your program to learn what defines you, your players, and your team as a whole while learning to be a demanding coach - not a degrading coach
- Create easy scoring opportunities in advantage fast break situations to make the defense pay for not getting back
- Simplify your press offense to maximize spacing and eliminate confusion against any type of full court press

with Seth Greenberg, College Basketball Analyst; former Virginia Tech Head Coach; 36 years of coaching experience; 2x ACC Coach of the Year (2005 & 2008)

In today's ever-changing game of basketball, the best coaches know how to coach their best players and use everyone on the team to maximize their potential. Over the years, Seth Greenberg has watched and coached against some of the best coaches in the country. The opportunity to learn from some of the best allowed him to evaluate how he might change a few things within his coaching philosophy if he were coaching today.

Gain new thoughts and ideas for improvement as you prepare for the upcoming season as Coach Greenberg shares the insights he has drawn from his participation in the highest levels of college basketball.

In the lecture portion of this clinic, Coach Greenberg shares powerful lessons to help you define your coaching philosophy. You will get a glimpse into ways the role of a coach has changed and how this impacts your ability to get the most from your players. Coach Greenberg discusses the necessity of establishing relationships and trust with your team, empowering your players with a demanding approach, and building a culture within your program.

You will also learn how to identify how you win basketball games and what this means for player roles, your coaching priorities, and how you structure your practices. Lastly, you will gain some tips into how you can elevate your offensive system.

Progression Drill

Learn how to score in every advantage fast break situation you might find on offense all the way up to 5-on-4. You will see how you can create 2-on-1 situations even against good transition defenses. Coach Greenberg also demonstrates options for playing with space and scoring with no advantage in numbers during a 5-on-5 fast break. All of these concepts can be efficiently taught and reinforced to your team by using the "Progression Drill."

Press Offense

Coach Greenberg places a special focus on drills and strategies to break pressure defenses. You will get four practice drills to help break down your press offense. These drills work on fundamentals such as pivoting and ball faking to help you fight ball pressure in addition to situations you will encounter against full court presses.

The 2-on-2 drill will teach your point guard the required technique to get open for an inbound pass against aggressive denial. Coach Greenberg also uses a 5-on-5 drill to demonstrate his favorite strategy for defeating any type of full court press. This offense simplifies the responsibilities of your players and creates easy outlets anytime the defense attempts a trap.

Sideline Out-of-Bounds Plays

Learn two plays that contain a variety of scoring options. Coach Greenberg breaks down the possibilities for each and demonstrates how you can flow into different offensive concepts based on how the defense tries to stop the play. You will learn how to better utilize dribble hand-offs as an offensive weapon inside of these plays. In just two plays, you have opportunities to score through post ups, flare screens, dribble hand-offs, wide pin downs, lob passes, and more!

Coach Greenberg is an excellent teacher of today's game. He provides you with some great insight that he has picked up from today's top coaches. His philosophy of being demanding - not degrading - is a simple but effective concept you can use while finding little ways to win special situations to boost your team's confidence.

Produced at the Spring 2016 Pittsburgh (PA) clinic.

77 minutes. 2016.