Shaka Smart's 2013 Basketball Coaches Clinic: Bruce Pearl: Pressure Defense and Sideline Out of Bounds Plays

Shaka Smart's 2013 Basketball Coaches Clinic: Bruce Pearl: Pressure Defense and Sideline Out of Bounds Plays
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with Bruce Pearl, Auburn University Head Coach; former University of Tennessee Head Coach; 2x SEC Coach of the Year; 2010 Elite Eight, 2008 SEC Regular Season champions, 1995 NCAA Div. II champions (Southern Indiana)

Auburn Head Coach Bruce Pearl covers a variety of topics ranging from creating a team identity, the benefits of implementing a trapping, pressing defensive system, and the ability to score on inbounds plays when the opportunity presents itself.

Coach Pearl begins by teaching his famed 1-2-1-1 full-court defensive pressure system. Coach Pearl's teams have always been known as great pressing teams and in this session you'll see why other teams dread facing his 1-2-1-1 press. He takes players onto the court and goes through each position, the type of player to put in it, roles and responsibilities in the press, and how to determine which post player would be better at the back of the press.

You'll get details like
the two types of passes that can beat the press
the best time to steal the ball and where steals will most likely happen

You'll also learn how to defend against various offensive formations, including opponents that attempt to attack the pressure via 1-guard, 2-guards, 3-guards, and the 4-across formation.

Pressing defense exhausts and disrupts opponents, makes your team aggressive and can change the pace of the game to help your team come from behind.

Coach Pearl also provides three sideline out-of-bounds sets that lead directly into the flex offense that he ran at Tennessee. You'll learn how to effectively use these sets against a man or zone defense.

Coach Pearl closes the session with a discussion on how to pressure and disrupt offensive inbound plays via defensive pressure. With each player focused on maintaining inside position, jamming gaps, defensive switching and "guarding two-with-one" spacing, Pearl demonstrates the art of altering an offense's play design by effecting the timing and spacing of the offensive movement.

Produced at the 2013 VCU Basketball Coaches Clinic.

76 minutes. 2014.