Steve Smith: Set Plays for Attacking the 2-3 Zone

Steve Smith: Set Plays for Attacking the 2-3 Zone
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Get a glimpse into the playbook of one of America's best high school coaches to see how he attacks zone defenses!

- Play through your posts versus 2-3 zones using the Rover continuity offense to punish your opponents in the paint with high-low opportunities
- Implement screens into your zone offense with set plays to vary how you attack the zone defense with your best players
- Attack an odd front zone with Deuce to stress your opponent with constant overloads

with Steve Smith, Oak Hill Academy (VA) Head Coach; 4x USA Today National Coach of the Year (1994, 1999, 2004, 2012); 9x National High School Champions (1993, 1994, 1999, 2001, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2012, 2016); Over 1000 career wins

Widely regarded as one of the best coaches in high school basketball, Steve Smith of Oak Hill Academy has guided the development of some of basketball's biggest names, such as Carmelo Anthony, while competing at the highest levels of high school competition.

In this video, you'll see Oak Hill's offensive strategies for defeating zone defenses. You'll learn how to attack zones through screens, post play, and utilizing the shooting and driving talents of your perimeter players. From general strategies to basic continuities and set plays, this clinic gives you everything that you'll need to face zone defenses through the season.

Primary Attacks - Rover and 13

Coach Smith shows you three base offenses that his team utilize to attack any style of zone. Rover is a simple continuity against 2-3 zones that will allow your post players to make plays where they are most effective. See how to create movement with your perimeter players through dribble outs and exchanges. Learn how to find high-low opportunities with your post players. One other aspect of Rover is the ability to interchange the guards on the top of the zone.

Another effective way to attack a 2-3 zone is 13. This zone offense from a 1-3-1 alignment demonstrates more of a motion-style attack that allows you to position a playmaker in the high post with the freedom to do what they do best. Coach Smith shows you how this playmaker can create offense without the ball through a variety of screening options.

You'll also see how you can punish opponents that utilize an odd-front zone through constant weak side flashes and overloads in the Deuce offense. Deuce alignment keeps two guards up top against the one guard front. You'll create movement and again force the defenders in the zone to make a decision on who to guard.

Set Plays

Coach Smith shows you how to take advantage of deficiencies in the zone or get a quick shot.

4 High Series - These four plays initiate from a 1-4 alignment to create high-low opportunities, lobs for athletic guards, flares for your best shooter, and ball screens to attack the lane.
4 Low Series - These three plays flatten your players along the baseline to distort the zone. Your opponent is going to have to match up or leave players open. These sets will open up space for your point guard to attack, free up shooters for corner 3-pointers, create lob opportunities, and give your posts easy scoring chances in the paint.
Stack Series- These three plays all incorporate a double screen on the block to create a numbers disadvantage for your opponent. Each option is designed to create unique alignments and movement to send different perimeter players off the double screen for a shot. Additional actions out of the stack create an easy way to get the ball inside every time.

This video gives you the solutions you need for developing a complete offensive system for attacking zone defenses!

Produced at the Fall 2016 Baltimore (MD) clinic.

73 minutes. 2017.