SWARM Match Up Zone Defensive Concepts

SWARM Match Up Zone Defensive Concepts
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Product Description

Match your zone defense to different offensive alignments and enable your players to fully utilize their skill sets while creating a more dynamic defense.

- Run match up zone versus odd or even front offenses

- Learn multiple strategies for defending dribble penetration from different spots on the floor

- Minimize second-chance points by rebounding out the zone and using block-out responsibilities

with Wayne Walters, inventor of the SWARM Defense, former Head Coach at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology.

His junior college team forced more than 30 turnovers per game in the last four years of his coaching career. One of the toughest defenses to face is the match-up zone defense. The creator of the SWARM defense, Wayne Walters, shares the foundation of his match-up zone defense and teaches you how to implement it into your arsenal using various setups and according to the level of aggressiveness you prefer.

Starting with breakdown concepts for a 1-2-2 and 1-3-1 zone, Coach Walters shares the necessary components for creating an overpowering match up zone defense. He explains the fundamental responsibilities for each position. Based on your personal preference, you can choose to match-UP or match-DOWN to the ball to limit you opponent's offense to specific spots on the court.

Once these fundamentals are established, Walters adds another very effective layer: the triangle-and-two concept. This is a simple-to-teach concept with a big pay-off. It also confuses the offense because there just aren't any gaps in the paint to pass to. You'll learn how to execute the triangle-and-two concept against both an odd and even front.

Most coaches will try to attack your match-up zone with dribble penetration and kick-out to shooters. In this segment, you'll learn how to stop dribble penetration from different spots (top, wing, corner) with efficient rotations. The Fist and Twist approaches will keep the ball on the perimeter without leaving shooters open.

Included in the presentation are two build-up drills: the Bee Drill and Chair Drill. Coach Walters has used these drills to successfully teach rotations and movements within a match-up zone. The Chair Drill teaches players how to stay low defensively. Your players get a great workout while learning how to move within the zone.

The Bee Drill helps to teach the basic concepts of staying within a triangle. As offensive players cut through the zone, defenders learn where to pick them up and how to bump them to another defender. Starting with 3v3, Coach Walters builds to 4v4 and into the complete 5v5 match-up.

Boxing out can be a tough task when playing a zone defense. How are you supposed to box out when you are also fronting the post? Coach Walters shows you how to solve these problems and turn a weakness into a strength.

This on-court presentation covers all of the elements you'll need for a greater understanding of this defensive strategy. Whether it's an odd front, even front, baseline drive, wing drive, or dribble entry, Coach Walters covers every possible situation along with options you can use to create the complete defensive package.

Explaining innovative ideas to players and coaches can be extremely challenging. Coach Walters has a unique way of making the complex simple by giving clear instruction and giving a visual "home" base. He applies that concept on both sides of the ball and creates what he calls "simple multiplicity". In other words, looks complicated to opponents but crystal clear to your team. SWARM concepts can be integrated at the speed and level of your players basketball IQ regardless of base defense or level of pressure. Coach Walters' teams typically over achieve on defense forcing a high number of turnovers with only half court defense. High school and college coaches that have adopted some version of his system have experienced similar results.

94 minutes. 2015.