Winning the Game within the Game: Special Teams Play for Basketball

Winning the Game within the Game: Special Teams Play for Basketball
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Product Description

Discover a variety of options for scoring key baskets late in a game when it matters most
- Learn a family of side-out plays to counter defensive strategies designed to stop your set plays
- Learn a transition set for getting high quality shots after a made free throw
- Discover a baseline out of bounds play that will reduce the time you spend preparing for late game situations

with Roy Rana, Ryerson University Head Coach; led Ryerson to the Bronze Medal at the 2015 CIS national championship; Head Coach for Canada's Junior National Team, placed fifth at the FIBA U19 World Championships

In basketball, every possession counts. Finding ways to score off of a baseline out of bounds play or a sideline out of bounds play is crucial for your team to be successful.

Canadian Junior National Team head coach, Roy Rana, presents a video that is packed full of sets and plays designed for special situations. From after timeout sets, to after free throw sets, to scoring off of an inbound play, Coach Rana has put together a package of plays that will allow you to score key buckets in special situations.

Zipper Series

Coach Rana demonstrates three options using the same setup to keep your opponent on their toes. Each set has several counters in case the defense takes away a specific option. You will be left with multiple scoring options, whether it's a 3-point shot, post feed or dribble hand-off. Coach Rana shows how he creates a 3v3 situation in the half court, opening up the floor for your players to create their own shot if you need a quick score.

Time Out Series

Coach Rana demonstrates several set plays that can be run in both the full and half court. Whether it's a baseline out of bounds or sideline out of bounds play, he will show you how to turn a late game shot into your half court offense so your players are comfortable on the court. In Pistol action, Coach Rana demonstrates several NBA-type plays that have multiple actions and open up one side of the floor for a scoring opportunity for your point guard.

Get a Good Shot Late in the Game

Coach Rana shows five late game half court plays that create misdirection and confusion for the defense. Whether it's a wide ball screen, Horns action or elevator screen, he has a play that will fit your style of play. In the Horns set, you get a great look at multiple 3-point shots as players run off of ball screen continuity.

Coaches of all levels will find plays in this video to add to their offensive playbook. Coach Rana provides sets for late game 3-pointers and quick scores out of timeouts. Give your team an advantage on the offensive end!

52 minutes. 2016.