Zone Attack: Strategies for Beating Zone Defense

Zone Attack: Strategies for Beating Zone Defense
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with Mike Dunlap, Loyola Marymount University Head Coach; former Charlotte Bobcats (NBA) Head Coach; former Metropolitan State College Head Coach;2x NCAA Division II National Champion (2000, 2002), NABC Division II Coach of the Year (2000, 2002) Attack any zone defense with the 10 simple strategies found in this instructional presentation.

Former Charlotte Bobcat Head Coach Mike Dunlap holds nothing back in his "Zone Attack" video. One of the best, most focused zone offensive coaches in the game, Coach Dunlap demonstrates how to keep your zone attack simple and concise by teaching clear, simple 5v0 simulations.

In sharing his vast knowledge of zone attack, Coach Dunlap poses five philosophical questions. He puts your philosophy and wisdom to the test as he makes you think about your coaching/teaching style. Whether it's teaching a concept by the part or by the whole or teaching players to master a new concept, Coach Dunlap has a solution.

Coach Dunlap shares 10 key points to mastering the zone attack using simple, clearly understood 5v0 situations. With a strong emphasis on making the defense chase the ball around the zone, you'll learn how to utilize several aspects of your man-to-man offense within your zone attack such as screening, dribble penetration, spacing, ball movement inside and outside the zone, attacking the offensive boards, and beating the zone down the floor.

After sharing the precise details of attacking a zone with movement, Coach Dunlap demonstrates two different looks to surprise a zone once they have denied your normal ball movement. He explains how to implement and use a "look back" action and score at will with the post player creating an opening in the short corner. Through the use a different looks to run a similar system, he shows how to create confusion and misdirection against any zone defense.

Coach Dunlap offers a third way to attack even the best 2-3 zone defenses. He demonstrates an NBA set that uses ball screens and misdirection to get an open three-point shot.

By teaching players to keep the ball moving and how to use misdirection, limit your cutting action within the zone and coach to your personnel, Coach Dunlap offers a strategy that will dominate even the best zone defense in the country. If your teams struggles to beat a zone, this is a must-have DVD for you.

Produced at the Spring 2014 Myrtle Beach Clinic.

83 minutes. 2014.